Предопределенные константы

PHPoC обеспечивает следующие предопределенные константы:

Имя Описание Значение
COUNT_NORMAL Normal Counting for one-dimension array 0
COUNT_RECURSIVE Recursive Counting for multi-dimension array 1
EPIPE Broken Pipe, Returned as connection is broken while sending TCP data 32 (0x20)
EBUSY Device or Resource Busy 16 (0x10)
ENOENT Not exist in file entry 2
FALSE False 0
M_PI Pi ≒3.141592653589793
M_E Euler's Constant ≒2.718281828459045
O_NODIE Avoid php die due to file open 4
MAX_STRING_LEN Maximum length of a string variable 1,534
SEEK_SET File pointer position: at the beginning of file 0
SEEK_CUR File pointer position: current position of file 1
SEEK_END File pointer position: at the end of file 2
SSL_CONNECTED SSL status: connected 19 (0x13)
SSL_CLOSED SSL status: not connected 0
SSL_LISTEN SSL status: wait for connection 1
TRUE Ture -
TCP_CLOSED TCP status: not connected 0
TCP_LISTEN TCP status: wait for connection 1
TCP_CONNECTED TCP status: connected 4